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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is provided to facilitate increased independence in functional mobility through strengthening modalities, neuro re-education, balance training, safety awareness education, transfer training, and gait training.

Dysphagia Treatment
Assist in positive outcomes, higher mobility levels that correlate with decreased risk of aspiration pneumonia. Avoidance of weight loss/protein malnutrition can be obtained through resistance exercises. Proper trunk stability and mobility for optimal sitting posture during meals.

Wound Care
Assist in promoting an integrative wound care program with nursing. Provide cost effective wound healing through various modalities based on current treatment trends, including electric stimulation, ultrasound, wound debridement, whirlpool, and positioning.

Edema Treatment
Trained therapists provide integrative treatment with Occupational Therapy to reduce edema associated with lymphedema, orthopedic injury, or peripheral vascular disease. Techniques include massage, exercise, and pressure wraps.

Provide residents with the opportunity to maintain highest level of independent functioning upon discharge from therapy. Front runners in the development of Walk-to-Dine programs, Fall Prevention Programs, and Restraint Reduction Programs.